I feel privileged to

have been a part

of the Choir’s


Jonathan Brown, bass, former Organ Scholar (1993-96)


Asia Tour Blog - Day 10

Date: Monday 12 September 2016 12.15pm


*Zzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzz


Zzzzz zz zzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn*Clare College Choir awoke in PenangIn the luxurious Penaga Hotel,

We ventured to breakfastAll looking our freshestWe’d arrived at 2 - no one could tell,

Could tell,

Could tell,

We’d arrived at 2 - no one could tell.


With Ringgits in hand the ‘ladies’ in choir Took in the Georgetown market,Among stalls of ‘chicken floss’

And sweet chilli sauce Bea bought a skirt sequined and scarlet.The clock soon struck three and down in the lobbyEveryone cried “Hurrah!Bellevue here we come,

Oh it’s finally time,To go up on the FUNicular-ular,Hurrah!To go up on the FUNicular.”Our breath, way up at the top of the hill,

Was stolen away by the view,

The Penang ‘peninsula’

Looked beautifully insular

Surrounded by shimmering blue.

First we rehearsed how to enter the stage

Through bushes and briars to the side.

With iPhones and Deet,

We rested our feet

On a rainforest golf buggy ride,



On a rainforest golf buggy ride.


With chillies and onions to keep off the rain

We sang outside in the dark,

But sadly for all

Our poor harpsichord

Was quite out of tune in the Bach.

G’s music was whacked, by the wind, off his stand,

And wanting to join in the song,

A giant grey moth

The size of a sloth

Took our folders for flowers in the Bond,

The Bond,

The Bond,

Took our folders for flowers in the Bond.


The synchronisation and quartal chords

Of a local schoolgirls’ choir,

Impressed and encouraged us to explore

Filipino repertoire.

After stuffing ourselves with a splendid buffet

We waved goodbye to Lim,

Each holding a gift

We descended the lift:

“What a wonderful day this has been,

Has been,

Has been,

What a wonderful day this has been!”