An opportunity not

to be missed

William Cole, Choral Scholar (2010-2012)


Asia Tour Blog - Day 12

Date: Wednesday 14 September 2016 4.15pm


Chronicon de Choro, 916


In this year there was a great battle at First Avenue. And the red team had possession of the battlefield. And the passport of Leofric the Benedictine was lost, and the garments of Christopher also. And there was great weeping and wailing. 


Sonnet 12, 1616


The Author begs your indulgence for the trifling liberties she may have taken with the narrative under the command of the strict goddesses Rhyme and Metre.


Undoubtedly great things took place ere day

Had filled Penang peninsula with light;

I cannot tell you what they were, for they

Took place while I still slept as if at night.

A gallant team of choristers sought out

A laser battle for their noontime play.

One team soon drove the other to a rout -

Let all proclaim - the red team won the day!

The green team of BanANNAgram fought hard

Against Harambe (Nixon)'s army red,

But Brexit (Jackson)'s team at last was tarred

With sore defeat, and Jackson's blood was shed

In fighting Strybo (Michael)... and a wall. 

Our heroes then set off upon a quest

For sustenance within the selfsame mall

In which they strove, and bravely gave their best.

Meanwhile the rest took refuge in the pool:

As sleek as fish they swam and played in it

While Greg, who sat indoors where it was cool,

Read Halli's words, Icelandic man of wit.

At last we left the hotel of renown

While serenaded by the kindly staff,

And sadly took our leave of old Georgetown

By coach, with Catherine's legs wrapped in a scarf.

And so begins a tale of grievous woe,

Of waiting and of panic and of gloom,

For when our plane was promisèd to go -

It did not - and in this wise came our doom

Which did not end, but stubbornly grew worse:

One Can Bass left his passport on the plane,

The other, struck down by this very curse,

Continued in this misbegotten vein

By losing all his luggage as we left

To find the coach that would deliver us

To our hotel - and so ran back, bereft,

While everybody else got on the bus.

Kuala Lumpur welcomed us that night

While Alice, Kit and Laurence stayed behind...

Then saw the missing luggage on the right

Of Lost and Found, most clear and plain to find.

All made it safely to Perdana Suites

Until I lost my bag - but went downstairs

And found it. Then Clare Choir took to the streets

To find McDonalds and their wholesome wares. 


(And whether Greg did find his Tinder love

and rendezvouz with her, I cannot say:

That question must be put to gods above

Or to the blog post of another day.)