Clare let me

breathe, discover

and give all of

myself to music

Robin Ticciati, conductor (2001-04)


Asia Tour Blog - Day 7

Date: Friday 09 September 2016 5.45pm


“I'm going to sing, sing, sing, I'm going to dance, dance, dance, I'm going to sing, I'm going to dance all day long. Doodoo doodoo doodoodoo, doodoo doodoo doodoodoo: I'm going to sing, I'm going to dance all day long. ” Meditations, GAC(k)R 2016.  Here beginneth the blog at the 3rd hour of the 7th day of the Gospel according to Benedict. Graham Ross is known by his contemporaries as a good fellow who enjoys his music. He was, however, broken asunder when he was sent out by the Karaoke Pharisees at the third hour, as they echoed back his words: “Go, walk out the door, just turn around now, for thou are not welcome anymore.” Grabraham returned to the hotel to repose and recover for a few hours before rising from the dead and joining the rest of the choir. Widely reported as the best looking choir at Clare, the choir has been known for its incestuous tendencies.  Four of our best looking members (excluding myself and Caroline) joined the group suspiciously late in the hotel lobby looking disheveled: Tom and Lydia, and later, Greg and Beej. Coincidence? I think not.  Upon further investigation, we had to face the facts that were staring at us in the face. They had spend their entire time together on the trip on a Neoplatonic spiritual journey of the souls, attempting to unify as one being, embracing intimately at regular occasions, and so we had to conclude that Greg and Matt were indeed a couple. As for Tom and Lydia, we reckon they're just friends. A mysterious man of many talents, Grabraham revealed himself to his disciples as having worked on a cruise ship as a children’s entertainer after completing his Bachelorette in Assistant Conducting at the Royal College. This experience proved fruitful for him, as he lead our participative workshops with Tanglin School. In fact, Graham’s breathing exercises proved so efficient that a student managed to exhale for almost a minute, beating Kit to last breather standing, despite the fact Kit was in fact circular breathing.  Although Kit’s self declared ”impeccable technique” afforded him a respectable second place in this round, his ego was cleft in twain when he was beaten in a rhythms game by a bunch of 9 year olds; distinguishing between numbers 2 and 3 proved fiendish for the Cambridge Undergraduate. In order to recover from the Abb(a)ys into which the karaoke had plunged them the night before (sorry not sorry), the choir had a siesta and then proceeded to Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music to witness a Bassoon masterclass.  We also rehearsed for a bit, but our diction, intonation and musicality proved nothing compared to the dulcet tones of Stephen and Graham in their improvised duets which continued to echo in our hearts.Grahamophone Magazine reviewed the previous soirée as being "literally more enjoyable than Bananagrams”. Grabraham then ventured the plains to Chinatown where we bartered with the local merchants and feasted until sunset.  Singapore's cultural hybridity afforded us the opportunity to experience Indian, Malay and Chinese culture. Lydia and Tom then disappeared for many hours, although there is nothing to suspect here, as they are just friends. A trip to Clarke Quay, with lights more impressive than the impending light show, and cocktails more expensive than Henny's gap yah, put the choir in a romantic mood. We followed the stars to a rooftop bar to gaze upon the Singaporean Skyline in all its glory and I continued my assiduous attempts to win Caroline's heart. We then ventured to Raffle's Bar to have the famous cocktail the Singapore Sling. Despite being grossly sweet and horrendously overpriced, we gave into consumerism and got a round. In a complete turn up of the books, which even I could not have predicted, Caroline, to the sounds of Matt Nixon-esque Saxophone, confessed her undying love to me, describing me as relatively alright. Was this what I thought it meant? Did she truly love me as I love her? Was the chicken I had at lunch undercooked? So many questions, not enough answers. Such speculations led our group to contemplate the origins of experience and find truth in meaning; we were going to sing sing sing and dance dance dance. And so Grabraham led us out of the philosophical desert, split the Dead Sea into Decani and Cantoris and led the freemen into the Karaoke bar. Graham has fallen asleep, Graham has risen, Graham will karaoke again. Here endeth the seventh lesson.