No part of my

College life that

gave me more

enjoyment than

belonging to

the Choir

Mark Dobell, tenor (1993-96)


December 2017 Tour Blog: Day 15

Date: Wednesday 20 December 2017 3.45pm


After late night celebrating the fact that we could all legally drink again, most of choir spent their long-awaited free day in London tucked up in their beds until the mid afternoon. In Finsbury Park, a gaggle of keen choristers were awake enough to walk over early and trim Graham's tree with some decorations bought at Macy('s) ahead of the Biggest Social Event Of The Year, Drinks and Secret Santa Chez Ross. The prep for our annual Christmas festivities was more than thorough, with the whole house decorated and 18 bottles of cava generously provided, and, most importantly, a huge pile of presents under the tree. Graham 'Gremio' Ross put on his elf hat in Father Christmas' absence and handed out them out to all the good little boys, girls and countertenors. As if by magic, Santa seemed to know exactly what everyone wanted- Ben Castle and Harry Porteous, by some freak coincidence, received matching personalised t shirts with each other's names on them, whilst Toby "Just Add Water" Hession received a 'Grow Your Own Girlfriend' kit, and Nick "Gully" Hendy received a book telling him how hot he is when he dabs. Rosie's present had to wait, however, until the post-drinks dinner at Pizza Pappagone, where she got more than she bargained for- a free banana with 2 scoops of ice cream! As its tagline suggests, Papagone's truly is 'a great place ta stuffa ya face'. Dizzy with cava and full of pizza, we all went home relatively early in anticipation of a rather more civilised meeting time of 10:45 the next morning.