The choir's rich

yet clear sonority

and firm yet delicate


made the strongest

possible impression.

William Yeoman - The West Australian


December Christmas tour 2016

Date: Friday 16 December 2016 3.15pm


And we’re off again! Today, the Choir of Clare College embarked on their Christmas tour around the UK and the Netherlands – first stop, St John’s Smith Square. This much-anticipated tour will be the first time this academic year when the choir can spend an extended length of time together without all the stress of a Cambridge term. Having been driven to London by our trusty coach driver, Andy, we assembled in the concert hall and set to work on our latest “Grahamography”. Most notably, Kit “not quite Laurie” Holliday was tasked with leading an incredibly long and complex procession through a maze of audience members, music stands, four different London underground stations and the Houses of Parliament whilst singing “O come, O come Emmanuel”. He was so confident in his guiding ability that he decided to improvise a new route in the concert…


Unbeknownst to Graham and the entire choir, Matthew “university challenge” Nixon performed to a full-house at St John Smith’s Square without any of his music: a true “danger-concert”. Unlike previous occasions, his music had not been stolen by Leo “sociopath” Benedict, but instead had been left in the junk pile that is the choir vestry. Matt proceeded to purchase a plain black folder before the afternoon’s rehearsal so that no one would notice the error of his ways. Despite giving a flawless concert, Matt decided not to make “danger-concerts” a regular occurrence, and travelled back to Cambridge overnight to collect his misplaced music. We congratulate Nixon on his efforts, and encourage other members of the choir (who shall remain nameless) to give as convincing a performance with their music as Matthew did without his.


The reception after the concert was the inaugural event for the newly formed CCAA, the Clare Choir Alumnae Association founded by Alice “will she ever leave” Halstead. Regrettably, most of the alumnae got misdirected to Kit “who?” Preston-Bell’s birthday party, apart from Chris “shark” Loyn, who wanted to “meet” the freshers. The choir left in dribs and drabs off to their London homestays.


Catherine Clark (Can Alto 1) and Alex Porteous (Can Tenor 1)