Clare Choir feels

like my family and

a whole army of

my best friends

put together

John Rutter CBE, composer/conductor, former Director of Music (1975-79)


Malta Tour Blog - Day 1

Date: Monday 07 July 2014




Malta Tour July 2014

Day 1


‘Sun’s out, bums out’


When we stepped onto the bus that would take us to Gatwick Airport at 5am, Clare Choir were perhaps not quite looking their usual gorgeous selves. However, thanks to Doctor Proctor’s numerous emails re Tour de France coming through Cambridge, we set off on time and Laurence even remembered to bring his passport. Having spent our per diems wisely on Champagne breakfasts at the airport, we boarded the plane to Malta in high spirits. Apart from some turbulence, the flight went smoothly and we kept each other amused by taking photos of the choir members sleeping in the most awkward positions and making full use of complimentary drinks.


Armed with flip-flops, sunglasses and panamas, we stepped off the plane into the blazing heat of Malta. Some of the more sun-sensitive members of the choir feared heat stroke even during the ten metre walk between plane and airport, but Abi’s portable electric fan offered some comfort. We were met at the airport by our host Mark Agius, who kindly organised this fantastic tour for us and who would become our personal Maltese tour guide for the next six days. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we had a brief rehearsal and then ran to the sea for our first dip. Luckily the diet and exercise regimes in the months leading up to this tour (“Do it for Malta!”) had paid off – Clare Choir are on top form.


Our first evening in Malta was not without complications as a power cut threatened to starve the Choir of dinner. Thankfully Mark had everything in hand and led us to a restaurant that was able to feed thirty very hungry mouths. After a long wait, several local ‘Cisk’ beers and the winning Strawberry Daiquiris, our food arrived and especially Matthew’s mood dramatically improved. Having been up for 19 hours, most of us retreated to bed early, ready for a week of sun, sea and singing.          


 Sophie Woodhead (Dec Sop 3) and Caroline Meinhardt (Dec Sop 4)