Such a friendly, 

family atmosphere

with such talented

and varied


David Dunnett, organist, former Organ Scholar (1980-83)


USA Tour December 2015

Date: Monday 14 December 2015 4.00pm


Daily Struggles on Tour – a thought provoking poem.
In West Philadelphia we landed by plane,
On the train platform is where we spent most of our days, Chilling out, maxing relaxing all cool
And doing some crosswords set by some fool,
When a clanky grey train, old and clearly no good ,
Took us through some rather dodgy neighbourhoods,
We blocked all the aisle and the inspector got scared and said You're bags are in the way and you should put them up there.
We whistled for our cars and when they came near,
We realised a whiff of something foul in the air,
If at first we thought, kindly, we should raise this with care,
We then thought nah forget it, “Rosie, go home, wash your hair”.
We pulled up to the church about 2 maybe 3,
And we sang through our music so delightfully,
We looked at our audience, as they blissfully sat, Unaware Silent Night shouldn't have ended in B flat.
Michael Papadopoulos (Assistant Organist)