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USA 'Veni Emmanuel' Tour Blog, Day 1

Date: Sunday 08 December 2013


Janneke Dupré, Can Sop 2

Today began far too early. The coach left at 5.00am this morning, which was extremely unpleasant as we had performed a concert in Suffolk the night before and several members of the choir had stayed up all night to pack. It was a subdued drive to the airport, though I was asleep for most of it so perhaps interesting things happened that I don’t know about. We were somewhat held up by our second year baritone Elliot, who had lost his shoes. Aside from this small hiccup, so far all was well, everyone had music and passports so it looked like we’d all be able to get into America at least.

After an excitingly luxurious breakfast (we had £10 each to spend!) we boarded the plane and spent the next eight hours sleeping, watching videos and competing in trivia games (at which Hugo ‘Hugs’ Popplewell, who self identifies as a baritenor, was most certainly victorious). I had the good fortune to be sitting next to the esteemed countertenor Oliver El-Holiby, who is rejoining his favourite Cambridge choir for this tour, and our even more esteemed Director of Music, who was delighted to be sat with the quietest members of his choir. It took a considerable amount of time to get through customs, but luckily no one got left behind.

Before the coach arrived there was time for an impromptu choir football kick around whilst Graham kindly bought us all Dunkin’ Donuts, and now we are on our way to Princeton for our first homestays. It has started snowing and everything looking beautifully Christmassy, although there are some truly garish lights, and we just passed an inflatable hello kitty display in someone’s front garden. Notable things we have passed so far: a Fire Engine which seems to be sponsored by Hell’s Kitchen, a hotel with a mini Eiffel tower on the top, the biggest grave yard I’ve ever seen, and the Empire State Building. I haven’t slept in 30 hours so Can Sop 2 over and out.