Clare Choir feels

like my family and

a whole army of

my best friends

put together

John Rutter CBE, composer/conductor, former Director of Music (1975-79)
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Bernstein, Rutter and Part

Original release date: 2000


Music from three of the most notable composers of the twentieth century representing the American, English, and Eastern European styles of composition.
The Choir of Clare College
Capella Breda
Daan Manneke
Ensemble Calefax
Timothy Brown | Director

Leonard Bernstein

John Rutter

  • Gloria in excelsis Deo
  • Domine Deus, Rex caelestis
  • Quoniam tu solus sanctus

Arvo Pärt

  • Magnificat Antiphon: O Weisheit
  • Magnificat Antiphon: A Adonal
  • Magnificat Antiphon: O Spross
  • Magnificat Antiphon: O Schüssel Davids
  • Magnificat Antiphon: O Morgenstern
  • Magnificat Antiphon: O König
  • Magnificat Antiphon: O Immanuel
  • Missa Sillabica: Kyrie
  • Missa Sillabica: Gloria
  • Missa Sillabica: Credo
  • Missa Sillabica: Sanctus
  • Missa Sillabica: Agnus Dei