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Nicholas Collon, conductor, former Organ Scholar (2001-04)
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Blow Venus and Adonis

Original release date: 1993

Blow's Masque, recorded by soloists Rosemary Joshua (Soprano), Gerald Finley (Baryton) & Robin Blaze (Contre-ténor) with Clare College Choir and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, conducted by René Jacobs.


The Choir of Clare College, Cambridge
Timothy Brown | Director
Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment
Rene Jacobs | Director

  • Overture
  • Prologue: "Behold My Arrows and My Bow"
  • Prologue: "Come Shepherds All"
  • Prologue: "Courtiers There Is No Faith in You"
  • Prologue: "In These Sweet Groves"
  • Prologue: Cupid's Entry
  • Act I: The Act tune
  • Act I: "Venus! Adonis!"
  • Act I: "Hark, Hark the Rural Music Sounds"
  • Act I: "Adonis Will Not Hunt Today"
  • Act I: "Come, Follow the Noblest Game"
  • Act I: Entry: A Dance by a Huntsman
  • Act II: The Act Tune
  • Act II: "You Place With Such Delightful Care"
  • Act II: "The Insolent, the Arrogant"
  • Act II: "Choose the Formal Fool"
  • Act II: A Dance of Cupids
  • Act II: "Call the Graces"
  • Act II: "Mortals Below; Cupids Above"
  • Act II: The Graces' Dance
  • Act II: Gavatt
  • Act II: Sarabrand for the Graces
  • Act II: A Ground
  • Act II: The Act Tune [end]
  • Act III: "Adonis, Uncall'd for Sighs"
  • Act III: "With Solemn Pomp Let Mourning Cupids Bear"
  • Act III: "Mourn for Thy Servant"