Such a friendly, 

family atmosphere

with such talented

and varied


David Dunnett, organist, former Organ Scholar (1980-83)
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Richard Dering Motets

Original release date: 1992


The music on this disc is taken from the following publication:-
Cantica Sacra ad melodiam madrigalium elaborata senis vocibus, cum basso continuo ad organum, auctore Richardo Diringo Anglo, in facultate musicae bacalaureo, venerabilium monalium Anglicarum Burxellaw, in monasterio Beatissime Virginis mariae degentius organista...Antwerpiae, apud Petrum Phalesium M.D.CXVIIIi.
Holy Songs worked out to the melody of madrigals for six voices, with a basso continuo for organ, composed by Richard Dering, an Englishman, bachelor of music, prganist of the venerable English nuns of Brussels dwelling in the monastery of the Blessed Virgin Mary...Pierre Phalese, Antwerp, 1618.) (published by Stainer and Bell, London.)
The Choir of Clare College
Timothy Brown | Director
Peter Clements | Organ

  • Jubilate Deo universa terra
  • Sancta et immaculata virginitas
  • Vulnerasti cor meum
  • Hei mihi! Domine
  • Surge amica mea
  • O Crux ave
  • Te laudamus ... O Beata Trinitas
  • Jesu decus angelicum
  • Quem vidistis, pastores?
  • Panis angelicus
  • Quam pulchra es amica mea
  • O vos omnes
  • Quae est ista, quae ascendit
  • Adjuro vos filiae
  • Ardens est cor meum
  • Paratum cor meum
  • Cantate Domino
  • Factum est silentium