Concerts in CHAMPAGNE region


The Choir were invited to sing Messiah in the Champagne region. This was an opportunity for some new members of the Choir to experience a Clare Choir tour before term had even begun for them. The trip started in a Church off Euston Road where we rehearsed with the Organ Scholars. After a journey on the Eurostar and a train from Gare du Nord we arrived in the remote village outside Remes. We rehearsed with the baroque orchestra before the concert with some stellar French soloists. The performance itself was unusual for two reasons, first because it was unconducted and led by the leader of the orchestra, and second because between parts two and three of the piece the bass soloist was taken ill. There was no problem since our own Ed Ballard was on hand to give a terrific performance of The Trumpet Shall Sound which brought the house down before we were treated to a fantastic party and a slightly less-fantastic train journey home the next day.