USA - Greensboro | Lubbock | Philadelphia | Middlebury | New YorkThis year's tour marked the choir's forth return visit to the USA in the last two years. However, this trip proved to be the busiest and most adventurous to date, involving seven flights in six days to five differeny states, with several 5am starts.This trip proved to be the busiest and most adventuorus to dateDespite looking a little bleary-eyed for most of the trip, the choir managed to pull off four wonderful concerts, all greeted by standing ovations from extremely appreciative audiences. The choir also found the time and energy to make the most of any opportunity to experience the delights of American culture. Particular highlights included tasting the local North Carolina beer (a mere 8.6%) found on tap in one of the host's cellars, dining at the most popular Mexican joint in Lubbock and taking selfies with the New York City skyline from the top floor of the Yale Club, Vanderbilt Avenue. These experiences made all the 4am starts wothwhile, in a way.