For the Choir’s next adventure in the academic year 2022-2023, the choir embarked on a tour to the United States, with concerts in Middlebury Vermont, Duke University Chapel and Davidson in North Carolina and Knoxville, Memphis and Nashville in Tennessee the Choir launched their new album ‘Rolling River’, featuring Eric Whitacre, Caroline Shaw and Leonard Bernstein. The concert programme featured may pieces on the new recording, with some additions of sacred works by Macmillan, Britten and Rusca. The choir greatly enjoyed taking part in a workshop with the Davidson College Singers and are especially grateful for all of the wonderful hosts we had during our time on tour.

The choir made the most of their time in the US, with many choir members taking advice from our American members on which snacks, fast food, drinks are the quintessential American classics. They also explored the joys of an American style road-trip, visiting Duke University campus. The choir also indulged in some Southern BBQ staples and located the alternative version of ‘rolling river’ in exploring the many of the music venues in Memphis.