The tour came about thanks to the connections of one of the Choir members who lives in Kiel. Our first concert was in their magnificent Cathedral, twinned with that of Coventry ever since the Second World War. This concert was conducted by Simon Thomas Jacobs while we waited for the arrival of the Director of Music. Highlights included Raphaela Papadakis’ performance of Maria Wiegenlied by Max Reger and Walford Davis’ Psalm 112 with soloists spread around the Church. We then moved on to Rostock which will live forever in our minds as the place where we were attacked by an infestation of ladybirds – the sea was the only safe place, but it only got worse when we got out! The final concert of the tour saw the Choir move to Berlin and meet up with alumnus Simon Bailey. We were fortunate enough to meet composer and conductor Volker Wagenheim whose work, Surge Illuminare, we performed in the concert. A memorable party followed the concert, hosted by Clare alumnus Ian Christians. The night concluded with close harmony renditions of Roy Orbison and Elvis Presley to thank Ian!